THE BROOK WAS AWARDED THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD 2015 – 16 IN THE AUTUMN OF 2015.  THIS IS A REALLY PRESTIGIOUS AWARD AND REALLY UNDERPINS THE AMAZING WORK WE HAVE BEEN DOING ON INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND THE GLOBAL CURRICULUM.  We must thank Sue Ralephata, Claire Skinner and all the staff involved in global curriculum work – without them we couldn’t have done it!!!

The Global Dimension; promoting British and Global Values
The Global Dimension is a thread which runs through the curriculum within the whole school topics. A global citizenship/Literacy/PSHE / rights and responsibilities of the child scheme of work, based on the Human rights book ‘We are All Born Free’ (an Oxfam publication) has been written, developed and shared between the Brook and the Willow, and elements of this work are being used as part of  Global Citizenship; International work and cross curricular sessions which promote and develop the knowledge, skills and values of:
  • a positive sense of identity & belonging
  • fairness, equality, rights & responsibilities
  • peace, justice & sustainability
  • conflict and conflict resolution
  • self-awareness and empathy
  • creative and critical thinking
  • communicating and collaborating
  • openness to new ideas
  • a sense of interdependence
  • a desire to make a difference and take action
The intention is for these activities and sessions to be inclusive – working with partner classes on a regular basis as well as projects eg International Work and as part of the Creative Arts Festival. The Global Citizenship pack includes resources from IPC (Willow) international links, and learning is differentiated to encompass the needs of our whole school community – from P1(i); EYFS to NC Year 6 PSHE and Literacy (comprehension and composition). So much of this work within Fundamental British Values and SMSC is contained here. The Brook is now in the process of applying for the International award (ISA) as the Brook.

Connecting Classrooms
Building the Freedon Tree in Ghana _ Connecting Classrooms – an International Cluster Partnership with 3 UK & 3 Ghanaian schools 
We have been awarded a Connecting classrooms (British Council) grant for our cluster of schools. The Brook has a long standing relationship of  9 years with schools in Ghana. Classes in all our current six schools are working inclusively and creatively on the above knowledge, skills and values and to develop symbols of Freedom; develop new ideas, and share them with each other via emails, Skype conversations, and future visits.   
The whole partnership is encouraging pupils to think about their different ways of communicating - e.g. different languages, non - verbal, sign language etc. Each of the 6 schools has started differentiating We are all Born Free” so they are meaningful for their individual school communities, and ideas have been shared between the 6 schools for different activities. The work on Freedom has started on rights and responsibilities, fairness and equality, creative thinking as well as the themes and skills already mentioned.
Letter from Brook pupil

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Letter from Brook class

Freedom Tree built in Ghana
The Brook has also worked on two Comenius Projects on Pupil Voice and on Inclusion across Europe including UK, Turkey, Norway, Cyprus, Spain, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium.  As part of this work we encourage friendship, interdependence, and respect for all, and support pupils towards a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen, including a growing understanding of their rights as citizens as they prepare for adult life. We are applying for the British Council ‘Erasmus’ (European) International grant this year, with a particular focus on Creativity.
Connecting classrooms - Update
The Brook, The Willow and Park View Academy visited our Ghanaian colleagues at the British International School, Multikids Academy and Dworlulu in Accra in June 2015 which was part of the culmination of the connecting classrooms work so far.  It was a really thought provoking trip and we welcomed our Ghanaian colleagues to London in October !!  
It was so good to have them with us – we learnt a massive amount about schools in both countries and about how we can share ideas and resources and support each other. Needless to say they loved Broadwaters!!!

Just after the Ghanaian delegation had left we learned that we had gained the International School Award 2015-16 which really was the icing on the cake for all our International Work over the years.  


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