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Parents/Carers group

All parents and carers are given the opportunity to join our Parents/Carers group. This is a group that meets at least once every term and looks to make a real difference to our school. The group meets with senior leaders in the school and discusses policy and procedure and gives the parental perspective when shaping and implementing policy. This group aims to be representative of all parents and carers of the children in our school and is open to all who have children in The Brook.
They also meet with speakers from the wider community eg Children and Families; Haringey Autism etc. etc.
Contact:  Tom Laverty on 020 8808 7120

Parents Advisory Group

The school is setting up a Parents Advisory Group from January 2014 to support the Governing Body. Those parents and carers who find it difficult to attend formal Governors Meetings will meet to discuss the Agenda and to feed in their views and ideas to the Governing Body meeting.

The first meeting of the Parents Advisory Group wil be on 15th January 2014 at 10.30am.

Please let Margaret Sumner-The Head Teacher- know if you would like to be involved
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