Disabled Children's Team (DCT)

Disabled Children’s Policy and Practice Review Group: LSCB

The Head Teacher sits on this group which examines local and national policy and procedures for safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of vulnerable and disabled children in the Haringey plus providing statistical data on the types and frequency of safeguarding referrals.  Key agencies within the group, which meets every 6 weeks are Health; Police; children’s social care and education; First Response; Voluntary Organisations; Legal; Children’s Centres; Special Schools plus a SENCO Rep.

Threshold for a service from DCT:

For the purpose of meeting the threshold for a service from the Disabled Children’s team, the DCT use a broad and inclusive definition of disability as
A child with a disability will be defined as having ‘a permanent severe / profound learning and / or physical disability and / or profound sensory impairment’. 
The child will have one of the following:
  1. Neurodisability (ie. Cerebral palsy, physical disability, genetic conditions and syndromes)
  2. Neurodevelopmental disorders (ie. ASD, Severe developmental delay – unknown origin)
  3. Profound and multiple disabilities
  4. severe sensory impairment (blind or deaf)
Where the child has a degenerative illness or complex and severe health problems, health will lead on the planning for the child, however if they require a service from children’s social care, this should be from the DCT.
Consideration is given in all circumstances to assess whether a child and their family could benefit from the services of the Disabled Children’s Team.

The link for documentation provided by the group and highly regarded in the last Safeguarding Inspection for Haringey can be obtained here including:

DCT Threshold Document
DCT Delivery Plan

Contacting the team

The Disabled Children's team duty service is open from 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays by telephone only. The telephone number is 020 8489 3671 or 3672.

In emergencies outside these hours the emergency duty team can be contacted on 020 8348 3148.

Social Worker Surgery
A surgery is now held fortnightly in the school attended by one of the social workers from the Disabled Children's Team. It is bookable through the school with Tom Laverty.

How the team works

The Disabled Children’s team is part of the Children’s Social Care Services within the Children and Young People’s Directorate.

The team works closely with colleagues in health and education services to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for these children and young people.

The team works with children and their families with the highest level of need. An assessment takes place before a social work service is offered. If the team are unable to offer a service they will advise as to where else a family may go. Families, or other professionals on their behalf, can make referrals to the team.

The team aims to promote the care of children within their own families and communities by providing short breaks if appropriate. Again an assessment will be undertaken to determine the level and type of short break best able to meet the child or young person’s needs. More information can be found on the short breaks page.

The team is based at 40 Cumberland Road, Wood Green, N22 7SG. There are no reception facilities at the office so visits to the office are by appointment only.

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