Achievement and Assessment

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy
CASPA Analysis 2016-2017
Overall Results and Predictions (2013-17)
Interventions (2014-2015)

Overall assessment, recording and reporting through:
  • Baseline assessment on admission to the school
  • Teacher assessment
  • Disapplication from the end of Key Stage Tests and Tasks if appropriate
  • Early Days Reviews
  • Annual Reviews
  • Individual Education Plans
  • Individual Termly Targets
  • P-scales and/or National Curriculum levels
  • CASPA as a data monitoring and tracking system for individual targets and p-scale progress
  • Whole school and key stage targets
  • Records of achievement and portfolio samples of work
  • Pupil profiles, where appropriate, on manual handling, eating, drinking, toileting, communication, behaviour and ICT
  • Reporting takes place through the Statement of Special Educational Needs annually, through evaluated termly targets each term and through the p-scales at the end of Key Stages
  • Methods of recording include video, DVD and photographs as well as work samples
  • Progress Files
  • Transition Plans

Looking at the school’s performance:

This is difficult for special schools as national statistics are currently framed in the context of comparisons with all primary schools. Nevertheless you may wish to look at the following -
Department for Education Schools Performance:
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